Using Shopify: Should I buy my domain from them or externally?

Buying domain directly from Shopify has its advantages and disadvantages. However, you need to thoroughly understand the consequences of purchasing a domain from a particular service to avoid any confusion in the future. The decision of purchasing depends upon your own personal requirements and necessities therefore choose wisely as the right decision today could help you increase your savings in the long run. Buying a domain would help you establish your business online.

With the right SEO optimization and marketing tools, you could tremendously increase your audience and website traffic. It would not only help you streamline your business but will help in expanding it as well.

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The better marketing strategy you establish, the more customer base you will generate hence increasing your revenue tremendously as well. With Shopify, setting a domain name becomes extremely easy as their process is straightforward. You can easily register by putting in your domain particulars and scout for the availability of your potential domain name. When you find the right domain, you could simply buy it by purchasing their different packages available for the customers. However, it is preferred that you do transfer your domain name to another registrar in case you want to switch from on ecommerce platform to another. Therefore be sure to know what your requirements are from your business domain and accordingly buy a particular domain name.

You simply need to connect the name-servers and complete the registration process. However there are major cons to buying the domain from Shopify as well. As it is a financial institution, giving more leverage to them then absolutely necessary isn’t a wise choice at all. In case you want to quit Shopify, it will be quite difficult to quit then registering the domain externally. You could buy the domain from Name Cheap as well as their prices are quite cheap as well. There prices are relatively cheaper then  The price difference isn’t huge as it would only be around 1-2$ per year however if you want to establish multiple brands or want multiple addresses to your business then these small price differences matter in the long run. With lesser prices, the savings could increase tremendously. However, thoroughly study the terms and conditions when buying a domain name from Shopify or externally and if they suit your business strategy, go ahead purchasing the domain.

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